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I have recently completed my M.Sc. in Economics at Uppsala University.

I currently serve in the Strategic Issues Section in the Monetary Policy Strategy Division of the European Central Bank.

I have previously served at the Center for Excellence in Finance and Economic Research (CEFER) of the Bank of Lithuania.

Research Interests

Research_Interests <- function(fields_in_macroeconomics){

# Copyright (c) 2019 Camilo Marchesini (License GPL v3)

Research_Interests <-c(
"Monetary Economics",
"International Finance",
"Computational Macroeconomics"

macroproblems <- fields_in_macroeconomics  %>%

k <-nrow(macroproblems)
solve_macroproblems <- matrix(NA,k,1)

for (iter in 1:k){
solve_macroproblems[iter] <- apply(macroproblems,1,lots_of_dedication)



What's new and takes no time to implement?

Routine for comparison of monetary policy rules in the volatility space (joint with Daniele Vettorel): compute and plot the efficient frontiers of monetary policy under different regimes and compare them against one another. How do they look like in your model?

Routine for welfare evaluation: compute the (unconditional) welfare-maximizing monetary policy reaction and plot consumption equivalent variation.

Build an awesome table of calibrated/estimated parameters: 3 easy steps will do the trick!

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